11.22.63 - Stephen King

Going back in time, some people would jump at the chance but what if you had the opportunity to go back to change the future? Jake Epping has the chance. Kennedy was going to be in an open-top car passing the Texas Book Depository and Epping planned to change what we all know happened next.

Moving onto 11.22.63 from Carrie was a big shift in reading, about 600 pages worth or shift. I think this was one of the longest reads I had solidly sat through without putting it down for something else. The pace of the novel changed constantly which began to be problematic for me. I kept finding myself jolted between the different scenes where I was expected to relax into the dreamy lifestyle in Jodie, but then be catapulted into the secret and seedy world of Lee Oswald. Pacing for each scene was apt for the situations but the rapid changing disconnected me from the story.

Sadie Dunhill was a force to be reckoned with and I loved her characterisation. She was open and honest, loud and proud, beautiful and determined. My experience with King's characters have always been positive no matter the story but Sadie has stuck with me. Parts of the story that focused more on her were so much more interesting to me than the JFK story-line, this might be because I'm British and the JFK assassination happened long before I was born but the saving him story didn't pull me in.

If you have not read 11.22.63 yet and do not want to know what happens at the end, just stop reading here. The ending of this novel was disappointing to say the least. I felt cheated out of a good ending as Jake ended up in essentially the same place he started! He went back to reverse himself saving Kennedy to save Sadie and protect the future from being ruined, effectively wasting his five years in the past. I may be missing something and I expected the future to be too different for Jake to be happy with, but I thought he'd stay in the past and reconnect to Sadie not stay in the future and just be happy that she's still alive. Being picky with my reads is never something I felt strongly about, but I feel like I wasted a week and a half of my life on this book.

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