A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J. Maas

Following on from her traumatic ordeal under the mountain Feyre finds herself stuck in her own mind and needing to find a way to repent for what she did. This new world surrounds her and she is stumbling blindly without guidance, she is terrified of Rhysand calling in his bargain but maybe it's the saving grace she needs.

Part 2 of the ACOTAR series review! This will contain spoilers for the first book in the series.

It is clear from the beginning that the seeds have been sown for Feyre's self-empowerment and realisation that she needs to look after herself, her trauma from under the mountain follows her well into this instalment of the series and the cracks in Tamlin's support begins to show. 'A Court of Mist and Fury' (ACOMAF) is much more plot driven now we have established the main character personalities of the story. Following Feyre on her search for the Cauldron and the Book was so interesting in comparison the average fantasy sequel, it had as much excitement to it plot-wise as it's predecessor, if not more. Not only did the plot keep me engaged but seeing Feyre's character development in ACOMAF became a personal investment. The way Maas creates a stronger persona for Feyre was incredible writing, it isn't an immediate change but the result of continued perseverance of her character and support from those around her.

It is impossible to discuss ACOMAF without mentioning *that* chapter, another reason why this should definitely not be sold as a YA publication, New Adult is the least it should be. This series has been doing the rounds for a while so if you are oblivious to this upcoming fact, I will place a *spoiler* here just in case!

I am obsessed with Rhysand and Feyre. One of the first notes I made about this book in my reading journal was how he treated her like an actual human, instead of Tamlin who just wanted her to be the perfect faerie wife she could never be. The relationship that will affectionately be known as "Feysand" was electric to read, I already knew that Maas is an incredible writer and knows how to build sexual tension but I was not prepared. They were not the perfect couple, they started off tenuously and when Rhysand reveals what he knows it prompts intense questioning on Feyre's part, but Maas expertly crafts a relationship between them which any reader would envy. He is respectful and courteous, and let's be honest, we're all crushing on him a little aren't we?

Now, let us focus on something we often forget; side characters. Every single side character of the main group was intensely lovable in their own way and became just as big a part of me as Feyre and Rhysand did. Specifically, I have an extreme soft spot for Azriel. Maas has the most amazing ability to get us to care for her characters and she doesn't stop where most authors do, with the main characters, she continues to pump an incredible amount of description and characterisation into every last character. We feel their pain, their happiness and nervousness, following all of them through their struggles to save their world is an obsessive need anyone who picks up ACOTAR.

Let me tell you I screamed at the end of this novel, the way Rhysand's secret reveal was written will stay with me for a long time, it was completely captivating and you can bet I picked up book three immediately.

PS; it's chapter 55, if you're wondering.

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