A Pinch of Magic - Michelle Harrison

Betty wants more than the little island of Crowstone can offer but when her most recent attempt to travel across the water is foiled by her grandmother she learns why she's been kept close by. Along with her sisters, Charlie and Fliss, Betty attempts to make right the wrongdoings of the past but can she do it without risking all their lives in the process?

I was gifted this by lovely Georgia (@georgiarecommends) on Instagram and I added it to my wishlist after seeing it's cover. If you haven't seen my picture of it on Instagram I strongly recommend giving the cover a Goog! It's gorgeous and the rest of the series has just as beautiful covers!

This year (last year, I'm writing this in 2020, hello future people! Is the world still burning?) I've ended up reading more of two types of books (completely by mistake), first, middle-grade books. These books are usually aimed toward your pre-teens (about 8 to 12 year-olds) and despite this, I've found myself enjoying nearly every single one! The second, and it's very niche, are books about sisterhood. 'A Pinch of Magic' made me realise that I seem to have picked up this odd theme and I actually am pretty happy with it, it's a strong theme that will nearly always ensure I'll love the novel. This was no exception.

Just like 'Little Women' and 'The Once and Future Witches' this book had an often unspoken aura of sisterly love encapsulated the entire novel with a warm hue of solidarity. It began with such strong characterisation for the three sisters that within two or three chapters I was already ready to protect them from the troubles that no-doubt lay ahead. Betty is a badass character and, although she was a tad selfish, she comes into her own to be a big sister to Charlie and letting Fliss know she can be trusted. Whilst the story mainly focused on the three Widdershins sisters that didn't stop Harrison from creating well-rounded support characters that I became just as invested in as them. Specifically, I want nothing more than to see more of Colton in the rest of the Widdershins books.

Whilst I try to refrain from going into too much detail about a book's plot I will have to go into a little detail here about the ~mystery~ surrounding Crowstone. You have been warned!

Once we discover that the witch inside the tower is the source of their magical items and the sisters set off in order to reverse the curse I was captivated by the intertwining of the past and present stories. The story being told to present-day Betty of Sorsha Spellthorn added so much depth to their mission of leaving the island and once those timelines start mixing I loved seeing the characters put their minds together, revealing the truth. As Sorsha's story progressed it was easy to connect the dots and a middle-grade reader would be overjoyed with the mystery meaning these women are all connected.

Without a doubt, this was a pleasant and comfortable read that left me happy to have picked it up. The ending was a little disappointing as I'd been wishing for a Fliss & Colton romance but alas, no. Maybe in the next book?

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