All the Crooked Saints - Maggie Stiefvater

The Soria family can grant miracles, something everyone wants, only they do not grant just one miracle, they grant two and nobody wants them both. At the heart of the family there are three cousins; Beatriz only thinks logically about things and never lets her feelings interfere, Joaquin runs a pirated radio station on the outskirts of their home so he can start fulfilling his dream of becoming the best radio DJ in the Midwest, then there is Daniel, the Soria's only practising Saint. All three of them dream of changing the family traditions but none of them can figure out how.

Initially this book began slowly and then built up to a steady pace which beautifully describes the feeling the story exerts, a gentle climb to resolution. We initially do not have a great idea as to how the Soria's operate their miracles, we just understand that the family do not interact with the pilgrims for fear of something terrible happening to them. Other than the mystery that surrounds why this is there isn't much else going on other than the gradual development of the characters lives and for a quick and easy read this was perfect. Eventually we delve into the mystery as it becomes apparent that the backstory is necessary to save a certain character from self-destruction and the pace quickens slightly to accommodate the tension but even so the story gives a calming aura as you read that is hard to be matched.

The moral of the whole story is that coming together to solve a common problem can be extremely beneficial, especially when it involves love and family. All the characters realise the problem that faces them isn't necessarily external, but internal. Stiefvater's writing brings the message across beautifully with a soft haze covering the imagery she uses. The story did miss ~something~ for me, I think it was just the fact there wasn't a whole deal going on for most part, but it was an enjoyable quick Sunday read.

Good characters, setting and imagery made this a strong read, I definitely recommend it!

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