Amari and the Night Brothers - BB Alston

Quinton Peters disappeared but no one is talking about it, the police think he was involved in something illegal but his little sister, Amari, knows better. Quinton worked for the mysterious Bureau of Supernatural Affairs and when Amari gets an invitation to train under those who trained Quinton she jumps at the chance to discover where Quinton is and how to save him.

A big thank you to The Write Reads, Egmont and BB Alston for letting me be a part of this wonderful blog tour. Middle-grade novels are something I enjoy but never find the time to pick up (as a 23-year-old I feel my time should be spent elsewhere) but I want to start this by letting everyone know it's okay to read whatever you want! After the year we've had don't waste your time reading things you should read, read whatever you want. I was joined on this tour by some other wonderful bloggers and you can check out all their blogs on The Write Reads Twitter account @The_WriteReads.

Immediately I loved Amari, she was the character every little girl needs and I'd have loved to read about her as a young girl. She was head-strong, fearless and brave and let nothing stop her from getting her answers. This book will be the pinnacle for every little girl that wants to believe in herself but cannot find the power she needs. Not only does this show how we can find the power inside ourselves but it also instils the importance of friendship, self-believe and standing up for yourself when all is lost.

Along with Amari's amazing characterisation, the plot itself was as spectacular modernisation of a magical training academy, an underdog and an evil force. We've all heard the story before but Alston manages to make it feel shiny and new and keep us engaged throughout. With a neck-turning twist, this easily became one of my favourite reads of the year, it had everything I needed to be dazzled and entertained to the fullest. I would have gobbled this entire book up in a day if I wasn't dealing with some personal development and I honestly cannot wait for the release of the next two confirmed instalments.

If Alston can replicate the intense but warm atmosphere of following Amari's adventures then the full series will be magical. He has created a beautiful debut that is a solid beginning of what will no doubt be an even more beautiful series for readers of all ages.

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