Banking on Murder - JD Whitelaw

The Parker sisters have been working together unveiling cheating partners and giving scorned partners their lives back. But, when one of the cheating partners ends up dead can they figure out who wanted him out of the way so much to kill him? His widow seems like the only sensible culprit but Martha Parker has other ideas...

A big thank you to Red Dog Press for including me in this blog tour! Working with indie publishers is always rewarding for me and promoting their work is a pleasure, especially this release! 'Banking on Murder' was a wonderful cosy mystery that kept you guessing! If you want to take a look at other bloggers on this tour take a look below!

Initially, this read like a steady and uneventful mystery as the communication between the sisters was casual and easy to follow giving an air of relaxed investigation. Gradually the intensity of the mystery grew and really began to captivate me as the plot thickened and introduced more aspects of the personality of characters that made them loveable and connected with the reader.

I seem to have picked up a few books in a row with strong family bonds at the core of the story, along with this I recently read 'Once and Future Witches' by Alix E Harrow and 'The Cousins' by Karen K McManus. Both of these books beautifully capture the connection between family and I have to say 'Banking on Murder' is on par with creating that convincing atmosphere of interconnectedness. Martha, Helen and Geri had an effortless attachment to each other than I loved, it gave the book more depth and a stronger level of realism. These sisters were not just your typical novel based heroines, they argued, bickered and fought and that's what was key in making them believable. Whitelaw definitely hit the nail on the head with them.

*Potential spoilers ahead!*

Ending a cosy mystery seems to be difficult for most authors as what mysteries characters gradually reveal are often things the reader has seen from about 50% of the way through but Whitelaw has taken that presumption and taken us deeper. Whilst I was aware that a certain character was involved in the big reveal I definitely didn't expect the additional revelation of there being a second perpetrator! Whitelaw throws the reader off the scent whilst building the tension between the words to produce an extraordinary finale.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read, the sisters were the perfect characters and the ending was expertly revealed. I did find myself skimming sections here and there to find out what was happening (I'm an impatient person) but I'm so pleased I took part in this book tour and I can't wait to see the Parker Sisters again!

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