Best Friends Forever - Cathryn Grant

Abbey and Raven reconnect after ten years by taking a road trip together with the final destination of their college reunion. Along the way they start to see the cracks form in what was once their perfect friendship and when mistakes from their past start to rear their head it's only a matter of time before secrets, once long buried, spill out.

Another wonderful thriller from Zooloos Book Tours and Inkubator Books! Something about the synopsis of Best Friends Forever instantly hooked me and you can look forward to a lot more reviews if you need anymore convincing to pick it up! Can we also just discuss how intense the book cover is? The colouring is perfect for the tone of the book.

I'll start with the most compelling aspect of this novel; Abbey and Raven. Not only is their relationship extremely convincing on paper but you could almost chew the tension in the air when they had their spats. Through Lily's diary entries we know they were once thick as thieves and it's easy to realise that there are a few unresolved issues between them. The clever use of anonymous characterisation in Lily's diary also added to their mystery because we are always guessing who is 'Roach One' and 'Roach Two' as both of their personalities interchange as if they were one and the same, kindred spirits. Grant wrote them with such fluidity I was feeling tension in the back of my jaw when they argued and initially worried for their safety when the suspicious man started to follow them. I was connected to them so vividly and it's the sign of a magnificent writer to get a reader that involved in a character.

Now, the plot. In one word? Incredible. Two words? Perfectly executed. Step-by-step there was a clear narrative that took the reader through a world of emotions and thoughts when it came to what mystery could be hidden between the two main characters and when it was revealed? Wow. Psychological thrillers are usually the most predictable of the genre but it doesn't make the reveals any less exciting when they're written this well. There was an undertone of "human error" throughout the entire novel but even at the crescendo of the novel I was enamoured by how perfectly Grant pulled me in with every word. My only small, and very tiny request, is that I'd have loved to have seen a little more of Raven's family and their mystical ways, I just think it'd have added a touch of magic to the novel.

I would pick this book up again and again, it was short and sweet (but, not really sweet if you know what I mean) and everything I wanted from a thriller. I have been in a massive reading slump for since returning from my honeymoon and I read the last 75% of this in one sitting! Perfect, perfect, perfect. I want to immediately read everything Cathryn Grant has ever written.

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