Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty

Moving to a new town can be intimidating, it can be especially intimidating moving to a new town where every mother surrounding you is better than you. Jane moves with her son Ziggy and he enrols in Pirriwee Public School and immediately things start to turn downhill but once she befriends Madeline and Celeste, two perfect looking mums, she thinks she can finally settle down and make a home for herself. How long until the truth comes crashing down for all three of them?

Obviously I picked this up because of the successful HBO TV show, I loved the show so much but I will forewarn you; I probably wouldn't have finished the book if I hadn't known the ending. The story itself addresses some very serious issues in domestic life and beautifully shows how surrounding yourself with positive people and friends can be great for your self-care. Mainly we focus on Jane's integration to the town but we do also then touch on the life of Celeste and Madeline but as we progress we only get little snippets of their lives, not progressive narrative. This felt really disjointed for me and made it difficult to focus because it didn't feel like a proper story and the mystery itself didn't pop up until about 70% of the way in.

Liane Moriarty is strong character writer, I've read three of her novels now and in each there is a clear definition in who is who, how they talk, act and come across to the read. Big Little Lies is no different and I loved how all the characters are not only well-established from the start but their development by the end is clear in contrast to their previous narrative. I definitely felt there was a perfect level of balance between prose and interaction which did make it much easier to read when we only got snippets of the characters lives.

Because I knew the ending I wanted to continue to the end to see how it was originally written but I would have definitely put the novel down beforehand because it was just about these women's lives with not much action. There was also some questionable story injections that felt like it was just to pad the book out whilst we awaited the twist ending. Abigail's 'project' only prompted some tension between her, Madeline and Bonnie that wasn't necessary. Similarly with some of Madeline interactions with the other mums.

It is definitely worth giving this a read and I always find it easier to read a novel when I can visualise the characters already but I do recommend watching the show first otherwise the narrative may drag too much.

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