Blood Orange - Harriet Tyce

Allison has a lot of secrets and even more trouble in her home life. Although she is trying to develop herself and be the best mother, wife and lawyer it seems the world is against her every step of the way. When she gets given her biggest case yet her life starts to spiral out of control and keeping it all together whilst attempting to solve a high profile murder is proving to be more detrimental than first imagined.

Throughout the novel it should be made clear that Allison is not actually a great person. Her attitude toward forgiveness was way off base, her actions are terrible and she still believes that she doesn't have to do anything to get her husband, Carl, to forgive her for them. The progression was a little slow and all the twists and action happened in the last 20% but the legal backstory was enough to keep me engaged. I was never fully wow'd by the story but the ending twist was great, I never would have seen it coming.

Although the chapters were too long for my liking there was a good level of intertwining hints and red herrings that kept you guessing for a long time. Trying to find out what the mystery actually was became a massive part of the story-line and it becomes clear early on that we'd only get the answer at the end which was a good technique to keep me reading.

The ending was wild, the reveal of what had been happening for not only the length of the novel but for the last few years of Allison's life turned this entire rating around. Without it I would have ranked it quite low because although I wanted to keep reading I didn't feel like I was enjoying it, but the way the ending brought all of it together made the novel a worthwhile read.

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