Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding

Bridget cannot think of anything worse than having to sit through another meal with smug-married friends telling her to hurry up and settle down, so she is trying to make a change. She is a 30-something singleton trying to make her way through love, friendship, her mother and her career by writing in her diary and 'learning' from her mistakes, but whilst she attempts to better herself she has to tackle Lothario boyfriends, her mother's annual Turkey curry buffet and Mark Darcy, who is not only rude, but dull. What is a girl to do?

So if you're not familiar with Bridget Jones, where have you been? This was the first 'proper' movie I was allowed to watch as a kid that wasn't PG and I was instantly in love with it so it only felt right to settle into the audiobook when it became available. Imogen Church perfectly narrates Fielding's words and I could not have loved it more. This was a hilarious, it was open, honest and a beautiful depiction of the expectation of women even back in 1996 when this was published. Despite being in a long-term relationship I still deeply connected to Bridget, she is trying so hard in a society built to watch her fail and wait for Prince Charming. She manages to achieve on her own, stand up to Daniel and get a promising new job without anyone's help and Mark Darcy was a happy accident to finish on, she didn't need him to save her.

Fielding manages to create a beautiful depiction of our reality with her words, especially with her characters. Mark Darcy was written to be the obnoxious prude to the reader's eye but once his feelings are revealed you can clearly see that this was just his defence mechanism for hiding that from Bridget. Fielding is able to use one sentence or exchange to represent different realities for the characters that looking back on can show the scene in a completely different way.

We all know this story so I don't want to bore with more details on something we already know and love. All I suggest is that if you loved or even just enjoyed the movies you will certainly enjoy the book as the film do not give the book enough justice. It was incredible.

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