Bump in the Night - Colin Watson

In the small town of Chalmsbury strange occurrences start to disturb the residents every Tuesday night. With a usually low rate in crime the town is unsettled that something sinister is going on, enter; Inspector Purbright. Trying to get to the bottom of this will take the cooperation of all the townsfolk but it seems more is going on underneath the surface that he thought.

I bought a Colin Watson pack in the hope I could get through some quick mystery stories that seem to have been loved through the years. I have to say that I cannot see why.

Bump in the Night started slow, went slow, and ended slow. Whilst I can appreciate a slow burn mystery there is a difference between a slow burn and just warm embers. The townsfolk of Chalmsbury were all similar in name, stature and description so it became increasingly difficult to keep track of them. It was worsened that they were all introduced within pages of each other.

The strange occurrences began with a small explosion of a statue and then of a giant glass eye, the crimes develop but each other became more unrealistic than the previous. All of them seemed relatively exciting for about two sentences and then the follow-up investigation became boring to read very quickly because the excitement was not in the writing itself but in the event.

I was very disappointed with the read and I will not be trying to read any of the other books in the collection.

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