Bunny - Mona Awad

Samantha tries to get through her creative writing classes as easily as possible, especially trying not to draw the attention of the Bunnies. The Bunnies all of a sudden take an interest in Samantha and draw her out into their world of messy, drunken Bunny parties where she begins to forget what she detested about them in the first place.

Bunny began really strong and the characterisation of Samantha was really clear, she was strong-minded and knew what she stood for. Her eventual deterioration was well written and gave a strong contrast due to her well-established personality from the first few chapters. Awad's ability to make the writing perfectly reflect Samantha's mindset was extremely compelling, the characters downward spiral was emphasised by the jumpy writing and incoherent recollections.

The story itself was a little odd and difficult to follow, there didn't actually seem to be a major storyline to follow other than reading through Samantha's experiences with the Bunnies and their 'creations'. In a weird way the no-direction story-telling was compelling to read, without a clear destination for the reader it was easy to get lost in the there and now of the prose. With that in mind the ending was flat-out, weird. The spiral all of a sudden sped-up and the writing perfectly captured the decent into madness and realisation of Samantha's actions. With the comeuppance the Bunnies got she felt completed in herself but I personally felt lost with what the actual progression had been.

Relationships between characters in this novel seem a little disjointed but it became clear near the end that this was a result of Samantha's mindset, however it still didn't sit well with me that everything was so jumpy and unclear. Overall it was an enjoyable read and truly funny.

If you'd like to buy and read this for yourself please use this link: https://amzn.to/3dPNwFD

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