Call Me Mummy - Tina Baker

Building a family from the ground up is difficult, it's especially difficult when your daughter isn't actually yours, and her face is plastered all over the news. But you've always dreamt of being a parent, she just needs to realise you're her mother now and when she conforms her life will be so much better.

So excited to share my review you for Tina's debut novel and I'm so grateful for Viper Books for letting me be a part of the blog tour to promote it! 'Call Me Mummy' released on 25th February and you can check out my fellow blogger reviews by looking at their accounts!

Chapters in the novel have been split into a character's point of view, most notably 'Mummy', Kim and Tonya. It is immediately clear that Baker has a knack for creating a strong atmosphere and base for a character through her writing. I was captivated by the extreme level of creepiness that emitted from 'Mummy' through her narrative, she came across with the composure of someone completely put together but Baker starts to reveal the cracks slowly to build the perfect level of tension keeping the reader on the edge of their seat.

However, the stereotypical characterisation of Kim made her a little difficult to connect with. Her resilience was a turning point for me though, her character kept pursuing what she knew was right even with everyone trying to move forward and this made her more realistic. Along with Kim, the storyline itself felt natural to read and the deterioration of the ideal world 'Mummy' created for her and Tonya generated the ideal balance of hope and tension, will she survive this?

Baker engaged short sentences, short chapters and snappy conversation to get right to the core of this story, to provide a quick and tense thriller for everyone to pick up and enjoy.

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