Carolina Dance - Alex Cage

Orlando Black didn't anticipate being apprehended by the police on his street and he especially didn't anticipate becoming involved in an FBI investigation surrounding missing girls, a missing police officer and a missing $234,000 from police lock-up. Joining forces with Pete Daniels in the PD, Black tries to get to the bottom of this mystery whilst avoiding the people trying to put a stop to his meddling.

This story line is right up my street, American police dramas create the perfect balance of tension and mystery and Carolina Dance demonstrates that. Cage establishes early on that Orlando Black is a strong character and will throw himself head first into each situation, despite this I struggled to connect to him. He was very stand-offish and it was difficult to read his personality which hindered the story's progression, it became clear that although Black was willing to work with others his attitude halted the move forward needed at specific plot points.

On the plot it was extremely compelling and that is rare to see in self-published works. Although there was some slow burn in getting moving I really needed to know what happened and that provoked me to continue reading. Initially I was apprehensive with the story as it was very secretive and played close to the chest but as it progressed it became a strong plot that didn't fail to disappoint.

I appreciate a romantic sub-plot as much as the next person but Black and Rose felt slightly forced at the beginning. As he was a difficult character to read after their first meeting I didn't get the impression there was any spark between them but their next meeting had heavy flirting that seemed out of place. I'd like to have seen a more prominent hint toward their relationship.

Overall this was a strong read with a strong plot but nips and tweaks here and there would have made this that tiny bit better. Orlando Black is a great main character and definitely has the foundations to base a new crime thriller series on.

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