Children of Blood & Bone - Tomi Adeyemi

Zélie Adebola remembers a time when magic was everywhere, she knew Burners who could summon flames and most notably her mother, a Reaper, could summon souls. However, a new dangerous King decided that magic was too dangerous and all Maji should be killed to squash the threat. Zélie lost her mother to this King and now she finally has a chance to bring magic back but she needs to learn to control her feelings and powers before she can even attempt to outwit the common Maji enemy.

This will be a short review, I gave the audiobook three hours before deciding I couldn't continue to listen to the story. The world that I was plunged into didn't gradually explain the ways of the law, or the magic that was involved but dropped everything on me at once. This was too much for me. I think if I'd have read this as a physical book it would have been easier to track what was happening to who but the audiobook was easy to accidentally distract myself from and before I knew it I was struggling to follow the story at all.

Unfortunately as I did DNF this it will only receive a 1 star, I liked Zélie's strong character but I couldn't force myself to sit through 13+ hours of this book.

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