Come Again - Robert Webb

Kate is trying desperately to cope after the sudden death of her husband Luke. All she wants is another chance to set things right and warn him of the terrible sickness destroying his body Luckily it seems some greater power is listening to her and she wakes up in her eighteen year old body on the first day of University, the first day she met Luke.

Thank you to Tandem Collective for including me in the readalong for the new release! I've been trying to read more romance and this certainly seemed to fit the bill! I wanted to cry within the few few pages of this novel, Kate is so emotional and Webb beautifully captures the raw feelings that spill from her character. It isn't difficult to see who Kate is as she is written so clearly and her characteristics are carefully layered up through the first few chapters instead of bombarding the reader in the first pages. Other characters didn't feel as well rounded as Kate did, I appreciate she was the main character but her friends that surround her felt very two-dimensional. Her progression through the novel felt natural eventually. I was a little frustrated by the ending at first but looking back I can now understand how it completed that part of her life and the fact it left me thinking was a positive.

Time travel romance stories are not unheard of but I was interested to see how a well-known comedian would approach the subject. The humour was definitely there and in parts beautifully mirrored the negative subject of conversation however at other times it felt very forced. Webb is potentially expected to have a 'funny ha-ha' aspect to his novels but it could have been left out and been a perfectly good story. The romance of the story didn't become a massive part of the story, it was more a self-realisation novel for Kate and she did get a wonderful conclusion in my eyes although to get to that point there was a difficult few chapters of reading.

Webb incorporates a Russian mob/spy story line into this novel and it felt so disjointed and unnaturally dropped in that it knocked this down from a four star to a three, nearly a two. It was such a strange addition that didn't match the narrative we'd previously made in Kate's story. Along with that the timeline that changes as a result of Kate's time travelling really confused me. *SPOILER* Luke was saved, Kate warned him with enough time to sort him slow-growing cancer and she returns to present-time to carry on with her life. Once she returns she still lives in the same house, her Luke had still died but the Luke she saved was alive living in America, but they're the same Luke? At one point was there two Luke's running around? One in America and one in the UK with Kate? #Confused

The romance part of the novel was definitely worthwhile reading, Kate's story was so heartwarming to read and see her realise that letting go is sometimes the healthiest thing for us. Unfortunately I couldn't love this book for the above reasons and I really hope Webb's future novels have a bit more blending with the intertwining story lines.

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