Crazy Rich Asians - Kevin Kwan

Rachel and Nicky are happy with their lives in New York, going out for dinner, spending time at each other's place and generally living their lives how they want. They are about to take their first holiday together, to Singapore, where Rachel will meet Nicky's family, the only issue is that Rachel has no idea that his family are one of the richest in the country and not about to let a stranger into it without a fight.

From the off this book was very easy to connect to despite the obvious differences between the average reader and the extravagant families that it focuses on. The characters were so clearly written and their personalities were clear within the first few paragraphs of their chapters. Eleanor really stood out as a character for me, her complete disregard for how her words would hurt others and her entitlement was so clear that she could never have been anything but a real person in those pages. Her portrayal was concise and perfected to a fine point that I completely believed in her power and ferocious appetite to destroy Rachel and Nicky's relationship.

A lot of issues I have with romance novels in general is that the two main characters lack communication and this causes the issues they eventually have to overcome. Initially the communication between Rachel and Nicky was terrible, the entire novel was based on Nicky hiding his family's wealth from Rachel. However, once this secret had been revealed their communication was on point. I think this is what sets this novel apart from other romance stories, where most have various events to pull the characters apart based on their inability to talk to each other but Crazy Rich Asians show a new type of love story. Two characters fighting together against external forces trying to keep them apart, not fighting against each other before realising their errors.

There seemed to be a rush toward the end of this book to add a little more drama, adding the story-line about Rachel's father being in prison and then being a different person all together was just a bit too much for me. Kwan had reached a peak point in this story but added on another layer that didn't need to be there in my opinion.

It has been a long time since I started a series and wanted to go on past the first book but I am keen to find out what happens next for Rachel and Nicky.

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