Dear Child - Romy Hausmann

When victims escape or are rescued we're normally at the end of a thriller, not this one. That's where we start. Lena has escaped from a small cabin in the woods where she has been trapped for months, when she escaped a little girl, Hannah, followed her out as well and insists to medical staff that she is her mother. Where is her father, who is her father and what has he done?

From the off this was so captivating and it drew me in immediately. The writing style beautifully captures each character's perspective and mindset just from the way they communicate with the other characters and how they respond internally to different situations. Hannah especially was such an interesting character, she creeped me out within the first few pages of her narrative and seemed to be the textbook psychopath by reciting facts and having trouble with empathy. Her characterisation was so good that I was genuinely scared about what she'd do next or what she'd reveal about the cabin. Similarly other characters provoked a response from me, namely Matthieas, he was frustrating to read but as a result of how well Hausmann's writing skill depicts him.

Throughout the novel as it switches narration between characters there was always a strong indication that the abductor was important and heavily involved in Lena's life but the reveal was a little disappointing. His involvement was noted and somewhat important but he just seemed added in at the end and slotted into the story line, if he was removed the story (i.e. his involvement with the investigation, not his part as the abductor) it wouldn't have been damaged too much. Saying this (slight spoiler alert) Hannah's involvement was so cleverly written that I had to stop at certain points to allow my brain to catch up with all the connected strings.

With so many connected strings it did get a little confusing at some points and became difficult to follow. Steadily it became clearer but for some chapters I felt a little lost. The story itself is was really well written and nothing is left unclear so the lost feeling I had was gone by the ending.

I definitely recommend this, it's a good original idea for a new way to look at thriller stories. If you want to get your own copy, use this link:

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