Death Notice - Zhou Haohui

Following the brutal murder of police officer Sergeant Zheng Haoming, the Chengdu police force are having to pull out the details of old cases so they can get to the bottom of it. Details left at the scene of the crime only mean one person can be responsible, Eumenides, who hasn't surfaced for years. With victims cherry-picked for their public indiscretions the team have to work quickly before any more people die.

Straight away I knew I was going to enjoy this translated thriller. The process of thought is explained so carefully that the progression felt so natural to me, it felt extremely reminiscent of a Criminal Minds episode. We start with a murder, and then a team of government agents try and investigate based off old case files and the murderer's behaviour? Yes. Please.

There were definitely hints throughout the novel to the twist reveal but the author perfectly dipped just enough detail for it not to be obvious. Whilst the twist was welcomed, the lead-up to it made it obvious when it was coming and we as a reader wouldn't get any answers until the end. Tension techniques were beautifully employed to keep me gripped throughout the story, from page one to the end I was desperate to find out more.

Despite the end being left open for a sequel there was still a rounded off ending where the story-lines joined together really well to satisfy the reader. Overall the variance in characters, settings and backstory were expertly crafted and I couldn't find a fault. I was constantly engaged with the story, didn't find myself lagging or having to push myself to finish.

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