Fight Like a Girl - Sheena Kamal

Trisha's dad was killed in a freak car accident with her and her mother in the card. Trisha can't figure out if his death was an accident or if something more sinister was afoot. Fight Like a Girl follows Trisha trying to navigate the start in her dream career in a fighting ring but also the mystery surrounding her mother and father's relationship. What deepens the mystery for Trish is her mum's new boyfriend moved in immediately following her father's death.

I'd like to start of by saying a big thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me this copy to review and to Sheena Kamal for being a totally amazing writer! My tolerance for young adult novels has dramatically decreased in my old age of 22 but this has renewed my interest in it ten-fold. Kamal writes Trisha out to immediately be a likeable and relatable character, her attitude to parental controls are like any typical teenager but she also still controls her emotions and outbursts with her mother (initially) that makes me like her more. She isn't the standard YA dramatic teenage girl who just wants to live her life, she wants her own dreams of course but she knows that she has to still keep within the lines at home. This made her so much more realistic to me and I was actually intrigued to find out how she developed throughout the novel.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of Forensic Files (and I've been sad ever since Netflix and Amazon took it off their streaming sites), this novel read and behaved exactly like one! Because the reader is aware of what happens to the father from the off each chapter tries to figure out more and more of the puzzle, there were a few wrong turns but I was stunned by the ending! I think also because it was a nice and quick read it felt similar to a nice quick episode of FF, I couldn't put this down because I was so eager to find out what happened.

Without giving the game away I was so happy with the ending, those who deserved their comeuppance got it and Trish was able to move on. Intertwined throughout the narrative were also little pieces of information about Trinidadian history dropped in were so interesting and just added another level to the story. My only complaint about the book would be the writing style, it's only a personal preference but the jumpy style made it tricky to follow the story in parts when I thought it would have been crucial to slow down and explain what was happening.

In all I think this is a wonderful book, a brilliant choice if you're looking to add some mystery to your Sunday afternoon.

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