Frankly in Love - David Yoon

Frank loves Brit. Brit loves Frank. Frank also likes Joy. Joy is seeing Wu. Caught up? Frank Li and Joy Song are Korean-American and their parents have one simple rule, only date other Koreans. How can they deceive their parents by seeing Brit and Wu? Fake date to keep them happy!

This novel circulated for ages around bookstagram as the next best thing to read. I picked it up at my library hoping to fall in love with it the same way everyone else had, but I didn't. From the start the main protagonist, Frank, pushed all the wrong buttons for me. Despite the excellent level of humour Yoon exerts through him I just did not like his character at all. He is honest as a narrator and he does have the right intentions when it comes to his parents, but we all know that we cannot always stand up to our parents. Throughout the book he makes the wrong choices though. He knowingly enters a relationship with Brit knowing he has to keep her secret from his parents, knowingly enters a fake relationship with Joy that will hurt his parents, Wu and Brit's feelings when they find out, tells Brit he loves her when he knows he doesn't, breaks up with her and immediately starts seeing Joy! Overall, terrible person.

Sending messages through novels has been a method used by authors throughout history, spanning countries and languages but I cannot find the one hidden in these lines. Are we to go for what we want in life even if it hurts others? Do we attempt to hide our true selves to make them feel better? I still do not know because the end of this book left me lost with whether the characters had actually developed at all. Whilst we discuss the ending, Q's LGBT story-line seemed unnecessary and just a plot point to cover more audiences. I'm am 100% for more LGBT stories being published and there have been serious developments in our time to accommodate this, but inputting this short snippet into the end of the book didn't seem necessary at all.

I couldn't bring myself to like this anymore than two stars, the characters were mainly terrible. A lot happened very quickly that didn't feel realistic in the natural progression of life and the end left me hanging without answers.

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