Good Girl, Bad Girl - Michael Robotham

A girl is found in a small hidden room following the aftermath of a horrific crime that she must have witnessed. Six years later with her new identity Evie Cormac is requesting to live alone outside the children's home, enter; Cyrus Haven. Whilst he works on a gruesome murder he has to assess Evie's psychological state and comes to realise she may be the asset he needs to solve his case.

A big thank you to Tandem Collective and Michael Robotham for sending me a copy of this book as part of their read-along! It is always a pleasure working with Tandem Collective!

Without having read any Robotham work previously I was amazed at how quickly I came to love his writing style and characters. Cyrus didn't sit right with me initially but as the story progressed he became just as interesting as Evie did with secretive pasts but he remained a little too rash and abrupt for a solid procedural main character. Evie was instantly a hit with not only me but my fellow read-along readers, she was interesting to the point that I just needed a book solely about her past, her connections and thoughts. She was standoffish and rude but this was conjoined with a fear of others and relationships so seeing her develop a bond with Cyrus was the perfect relief from the main storyline, it generated many heartfelt moments that touched my cold murder-loving heart.

Development was touch and go for me, whilst I loved reading Evie and Cyrus developing the actual story seemed a little slow. Initially the separate stories of Jodie's murder and Evie's assessment seemed smushed together (a professional term, I assure you) without much connecting them so it seemed cack-handed of Robotham to put them in the same book. As I came to realise Robotham is a talented writer and obviously there is a reason for the side-by-side storytelling and as they became more intertwined more things started to click into place for me.

'Good Girl, Bad Girl' was made for a sequel, there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding Evie and her past so I am excited to pick up the already published sequel 'When She Was Good' to see if Robotham's captivating character progression continues.

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