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It's the most wonderful time of year (nearly). Like many of you I absolutely adore the holiday period, just this week my Christmas bedding went on, the Christmas mugs came out and the Christmas movies are streaming! This Christmas will no doubt be a little different to other years, we probably cannot spend the day with our entire extended family or visit friends on Boxing Day but we'll make it through and net year we will make up for it!

This year has been a crazy one for me in terms of my blog and reviewing, so many more publishers have entrusted me to review their upcoming releases and working with them all has been a treat. In particular I'm so happy to continually work with Welbeck on their upcoming releases and even more happy to present our collaborative Christmas gift guide! There is something for all the family and you're bound to find something for everyone, I've included some non-fiction and fiction to give you a good variety!

Something for your fashionista friend:

Fashion focused friends can take a great joy in reading about the history of Dior, Gucci, Chanel and Prada (not pictured) and how they came to be the powerhouse fashion brands they are today.

Learn how Christian Dior made his name, how the small luggage company Gucci became a titan of luxury fashion and how Miuccia Prada took the leather goods brand worldwide.

Available to buy here:

Something for the relaxed family member:

Golf has always been (in my eyes at least) the relaxed man's sport. We all know someone who loves to watch it on a Sunday, pop off to the driving range or putt a few holes to work out some stress.

The Ryder Cup: The Complete History of Golf's Greatest Competition is the perfect companion and provides a rich background that all golf fans and golfers alike would enjoy learning about.

Available to but here:

Something for your Queen-obsessed mother-in-law:

Okay, maybe this one is a little more specific? But I suppose if you know someone who loves rock music this would be the gift for them!

For those that don't know, Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, plays a red guitar the 'Red Special' that was homemade. This book takes a look at one of the most iconic instruments in history and what impact it's had over time.

Available to buy here:

Something for the fast-paced:

As a household of F1 fanatics I have to say this book is high on my own gift guide (can I keep this one and get something else for my father-in-law?)

The iconic F1 journalist Maurice Hamilton dives into the speed-loving, ever-changing and incredible world of F1 and those who made it the sport it is today. Taking us through the decades showing the most loved moments, drivers and podiums we all want to remember.

Available to buy here:

Something for those who want to enter the new year with better habits:

All of us want to be better human beings so I cannot think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate one of these "How To..." books! The collection includes short, bitesize tips on various topics that help us live healthier, calmer and more environmentally friendly lives! My personal favourites so far have been How to go Alcohol Free and How to go Waste Free but all of them have given me some good starting areas to focus on to be kinder to myself and the planet!

All available to buy here:

Something with a bit more grit:

Looking for something with a bit more weight in it? Whilst still a non-fiction release I Am A Hitman reads like a work of fiction. An anonymous author releases a tell all confessional about the life of a hitman.

How do they form attachments? Do they seek forgiveness? Do they... enjoy it?

Available to buy here:

Something for your fiction loving family:

Welbeck not only publish a great selection of non-fiction, there are also some wonderful fiction titles available for those who love a bit of drama!

Two titles worth picking out of their collection are The Unwilling and The Witch Hunter. Both titles are exceptional examples of fiction but do it differently. The Witch Hunter is a creepy and tense thriller that will leave you sleeping with the lights on, whilst The Unwilling is a new take on historical fantasy that convinces you that you are a part of this new world and fighting alongside the characters for justice.

Available to buy here:

I hope you find something in this guide to get for your friends, family or yourself!

Happy Holidays!

Naomi x

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