His & Hers - Alice Feeny

Anna has lost her regular news presenter role and has been demoted back down to out in the field reporting, her first case happens to be a murder in her hometown that her DCI ex-husband is investigating. They start to suspect each other of foul-play but as secrets start to unravel what are they willing to do to keep them hidden?

There was a reel of high praise for this novel with many reviewers calling it their favourite thriller of the year, so how could I ignore it? Alice Feeny has released previous thriller novels but this one seems to be the one that puts her name on the map and whilst there was a solid plot and backstory it fell pretty flat for me.

Our main characters Anna and Jack were so "woe is me" that it was difficult to warm to them on any level, with every page came another self-deprecating comment that just pushed me further away from feeling anything for them. It's odd to have such dislikable characters on the forefront of the plot and the support characters didn't add much either, in most instances their presence seemed to be more for fleshing out than plot.

Feeny did a wonderful job of planning in great detail all the connections between the characters and history of the area they're in, for me this was what saved the novel from being a complete flop. The intricacies of the plot left me guessing right up to the end and what an ending! Twists were present throughout the novel leading the reader in several directions but the final one was executed perfectly. Even a regular thriller/mystery reader like me couldn't have seen it coming and I have to applaud Feeny for dropping all the necessary hints and still throwing a complete surprise into the mix.

Whilst this did not live up to my expectations the plot saved this from being a 2-star read and bumped it up to 3. I'll probably not read this one again but I don't feel like I wasted my time either.

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