How to Disappear - Gillian McAllister

Big, big, big thank you to Michael Joseph and Gillian McAllister for sending me a proof copy of this release in exchange for a review! I'm eternally grateful for your trust.

Zara saw something she shouldn't have and discovered something they'd hoped would stay secret for a long time. Zara is in danger and needs to disappear, how long can she stay hidden? How far will she go to reveal the truth? Will she stay away, or fight for what is right?

Straight away I was hooked with this novel, the dynamics between Zara, Aidan and Lauren were incredibly well written and had a natural feeling. I never felt at any point this novel was a fabrication of fiction. I connected with each character and felt their frustration, pain and happiness, the settings were beautifully described as if I was there with them. My knowledge of witness protection is non-existent other than the movie 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' so I cannot comment on how true these parts were, but it felt realistic and never too far-fetched. I truly have to commend McAllister for creating such a realistic piece of fiction.

Tension seems to be another strong suit for McAllister, the book began with tension and it ended with tension (and, a brilliant sense of satisfaction), there was no let-up in between, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Every development of the story brought new struggles and confusion for the characters but McAllister guides the reader through it and created a perfect bubble of narrative surrounding Zara and Lauren, and then Poppy and Aidan.

Poppy instantly became a favourite character of mine (although, they're all strong and well-rounded), she was strong when she needed to be but still vulnerable the way a teenager should be. It's often I read novels with teenage focus but they're unnaturally proud and strong, this felt more real in the pages than any other teenager I've read.

I can't wait to discover more work from McAllister but if you want to pick this one up, please use this link:

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