I Am A Hitman - Anonymous

Ever thought about how hitmen hide their lives from their family? How do they hide their crimes from authorities? How do they get by with such a secret on their shoulders? Well, this publication will tell you and will give you an insight into a world that hides within our own but we never see.

Thank you to Welbeck Publishing for sending me this in exchange for a review! It formed part of my holiday gift guide that can be found here: https://www.readtheweek.co.uk/post/handy-holiday-gift-guide

As I mentioned in my guide above this felt more like a work of fiction because it was so hard to believe that people like this exist in our own world. The anonymous author went into detail about work they undertook whilst operating as a hitman, and whilst the gritty details are left to the imagination it is not a difficult stretch. My true-crime obsessed mind immediately wanted to get my grubby hands on this and as soon as I started to read I knew I'd love it. What fascinates me most about criminals is their psychology, once upon a time I dreamed of being the next Spencer Reid and finding out how this killer's mind was shaped by his early life scratched an itch I realised was the reason I wanted to read this so badly.

There is an overwhelming obsession with "tell-all" tales from professions a lot of the population can only dream (or fear) of being involved in. The first book I picked up like this was Adam Kay's 'This Is Going to Hurt' and whilst it runs on the same script these authors took drastically different approaches to a career day publication. Obviously, the nature of this career means the anonymity of the author is key and he immediately addresses the secrecy and how certain facts have been changed so his identity and those of his family are hidden.

What you expect from this memoir is something dark and hard to grasp but, I suppose in a good way, it just shows the intricacies of a man's job and the troubles he faced whilst slotting in a personal life alongside it. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it was exactly what it said it was on the tin, it was thrilling to read how close to death and discovery he got but as a hitman that is surely in the job description?

This was definitely a worthwhile read and broadens the horizons (I suppose?) for your job hunt but don't expect more than what you're already thinking. It was heartwarming though to see he had troubles with his relationship and mental health even with this high-flying job where you would think he was untouchable, it felt very humbling.

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