If I Had Your Face - Frances Cha

The attitude to cosmetic surgery in South Korea is very different to that in the Europe but their standards of beauty are so high that many women will do everything they possibly can to achieve it. Whilst some women are striving for perfection, others are just trying to survive in the capital without drowning in the mass.

Initially I really struggled with finding the flow of this, it was a strong narrative on friendship and how difficult it is for these women to go day-to-day in their jobs and relationships but as it progressed it did start to become a clearer story. The novel follows various characters in their quest for happiness and balance, Ara was extremely interesting to follow, whilst being mute she still finds effective ways of communicating through Cha's writing and it worked perfectly. Although saying this there are some aspects about her character and behaviour that remain unclear and are never touched upon again.

Whilst Ara was interesting, Kyuri became the most compelling of the characters. Her arc came to full fruition and made for a satisfying ending. Cha created a bond between the characters that even through the pages felt real and believable. Although there is only small connections between the different groups of women it generated a strong camaraderie throughout the book that meant as a reader we'd route for the best outcome across the board.

Cha keeps the bond between reader and character strong for the entirety of the novel despite changing perspective and focus. This is definitely one of the strong points, when the story dipped in interest I was still compelled to read on to see where our characters ended up. Ultimately the strong characters and connection between the reader and them was what made this a good read, the story was a little back and forth in securing a straight forward plotline.

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