Incredible Doom - Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden

The internet is here and connecting people in times of need is what it's designed to. Allison wants to escape her controlling father and the only way she can is online. Richard is the new guy in town and finds his only solace in chatting online, when he gets intrusions of how to connect to "Evol BBS," a dial-in bulletin board system where he meets Tina, who flips his world into a whole new perspective.

Harper360 were very kind to send me my first graphic novel, they've always fascinated me but I've never took the plunge until now! Thanks Harper360!

Storytelling through images is something that is always touch and go for me, emotion always feels forced by the depictions and the narrative relies on this to tell the story. However, I found with Incredible Doom the storytelling was encapsulating and kept on giving convincing depictions of teenagers trying to find their own voice in a world that wouldn't give them a break. The artwork was completely adorable and combining "real life" frames and computerised communications really added a level of reality for the reader, instead of referencing what they're discussing the artist and writer took the effort to give us that little bit extra to get a full picture.

In terms of plot, I was very invested in Allison's story. Her personality shone through the dialogue and attitudes depicted in the art, following her friendship with Sam and seeing it blossom was the perfect introduction to their dynamic. However, toward the end of the novel their friendship followed its natural course into romance slightly too quick for me. It felt rushed to add it onto the roster before the end. I think instead of adding in the, let's be honest, unnecessary romance between Allison and Sam, in this instalment (apparently there are more to come!) we could have got a bit more interaction between Allison and her father. We get a good background of why she feels unable to live with him but there seemed to be more underlying that relationship we could have developed on.

Incredible Doom was definitely a strong introduction to the world of graphic novels and I'll definitely keep reading them, in particular I have an interest in picking up the Battle Royale manga and have borrowed a copy of Watchmen from a friend!

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