Intruders - E. C. Scullion

Tom Holt accepts a new job that should set him up nicely for the rest of his life, and after throwing away his high-profile risk management job, fiancee and reputation he desperately needs a new start. The job takes him to Uruguay where he teams up with a characterful bunch of cons whose main goal is to retrieve something from a highly-guarded safe for the client; Capricorn. Who is he? What is in the safe?

I want to say a huge thank you to RedDoor Press for sending me a copy of this novel for review and for letting me be a part of their blog tour! Below is a list of all the other lovely bloggers taking part across the next couple of weeks!

I'm always apprehensive about action books as they (for me) usually don't come across well, it's hard to create an air of urgency and portray the fight scenes in such a way that make the reader truly believe and visualise them. This being said, Intruders blew me away. Every fear I had about the concept was immediately squashed within the first few pages, Scullion is a brilliant writer that perfectly captures each emotion and thought of the characters and keeps you guessing to the end.

Tom Holt was a cold and difficult character but this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, there was an inkling of righteousness in him that kept me determined to find his positive qualities. When it came to it he was strong-willed, perceptive and down to protect what was right by any means, Scullion did a brilliant job of crafting him and I'd love to see more of him. Similarly the supporting characters in the team, Ray, Anil and Becca were also incredibly well-rounded for such a short story (335 pages), there were hints to their past that gave them strong characteristics but without shifting focus from the main story. This was a brilliant technique because I became invested almost immediately in their lives.

The setting and use of local language made me feel like I was right there with the characters, although not knowing any Spanish I still managed to keep track of the story even though Tom's translations weren't always present just by the sheer talent of Scullion's tone of writing. I was amazed by how much I enjoyed this and I enjoyed it even more with a bit of gritty romance, the typical hate-to-love troupe was a brilliant addition. Romance has a habit of taking the main focus but this latched onto the story and added more depth to each page, combining with the story at the right times to make the reader feel that more invested.

Initially I was going to give this four stars but when I came to write this review I couldn't find a fault that took away from the overwhelming feeling I got from the book. I was a little upset that Becca's progression ended up being focused around Tom but the ending satisfied me enough to know it wasn't the end of her as a person (I've tried not to give too much away there).

And so with a joyous conclusion I cannot give this anything but five stars, this book has definitely earned it's place on my bookcase as something to re-read for years to come.

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