Kill Joy - Holly Jackson

Pip wants to sit at home, she definitely doesn't want to be attending a murder-mystery party with her friends. Her town is already known for a grisly murder, isn't it a little on the nose?

Holly Jackson is the queen of young-adult thrillers. The Little Kilton mysteries that follow Pip Fitz-Amobi and her quest to solve murders and crime. 'Kill Joy' is a World Book Day publication and acts as a prequel to 'A Good Girl's Guide to Murder', having read both that and 'Good Girl, Bad Blood' the references in 'Kill Joy' to the main novels made it worthwhile for me to pick up, and even if you've not read them it's a great starting point for getting to know the core team of characters.

As always, Pip was the perfect main character and her strong-minded attitude makes her an ideal character to follow through a mystery, her mind works quickly she doesn't miss a thing. The murder mystery setting itself makes for a fun-but-creepy narrative, the format of the novella utilising character notes and game documents to truly set the atmosphere up for success. Knowing the background of the town made this even spookier, but Jackson's writing still creates suspense and sets the perfect pace of your typical murder mystery.

Keeping this story engaging must have been a walk in the park for Jackson as it reads so easily and fluidly that it's hard to believe someone has this much talent for writing. The storyline here is clever, tidy and extremely enjoyable, nothing feels out of place and the enthusiasm of Pip transfers into the reader as they progress through the mystery with her.

*spoilers* I just wanted to laugh out loud at the end of this, I loved, loved, loved that Pip's theory was so detailed and so intricate that I believed it and it ended up being wrong! This little book of mystery was the perfect quick read and is definitely worthwhile picking up, and for £1 what is there to lose?

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