Liar - Lesley Pearse

Amelia desperately wants to start her career in in journalism but she hasn't got further than selling advertising space at a local newspaper. With her hope all but fading she literally stumbles upon her first break when she discovers the body of a young woman left among the rubbish near her home. Is this the story she's been looking for? Can she help find the killer, give these girls' family closure and put her name on the journalism map?

Immediately I loved Amelia's character, Pearse created a well-rounded and likeable persona for her within a couple of chapters and I was invested in her progress no matter the story developments. Other characters felt very flat in comparison, for example Max was textbook with the gradual revelation of bad personalities and Amelia's boss was textbook creepy. However, I was completely blown away by Pearse's deception of the usual killer stereotype and the background that went into that character was extremely convincing.

As the story progressed Pearse definitely left red herrings for us to chase but each time kept me engaged in each investigation Amelia went through and when the final reveal was made I was amazed at how well hidden the clues and hints were. I haven't read much Pearse before but this has definitely convinced me to look into her published works as this was an outstanding piece of crime thriller writing.

My only gripe would be that a lot of the focus sometimes drifted from the actual story into how the murder victims behaved before their death, who they associated with and what they were doing the night of - at the time I did enjoy this because it added depth and more drama to the investigation but the ending ruined these scenes. They ended up not being of any relevance and I felt that could have been addressed more clearly.

I would like to say a big thank you to ED PR for sending me a copy of this novel before it's publication on 25th June.

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