Love You Bad - Louise Mullins

Kerensa can't remember much about her life before the accident, but she knows that her husband will always protect her, won't he? Her comfortable life with the big house, the handsome husband and the perfect marriage seem too good to be true, and when she uncovers dark secrets she understands it probably is.

Thank you to Zoé at Zooloo's Book Tours and Louise Mullins for including me in this blog tour! 'Love You Bad' immediately appealed to me with its dark synopsis and undeniable tension and it was easy to fall into this terrible world Kerensa finds herself in. If you want to take a look at the other reviewers taking part Zoé is putting them on her site:

What first caught my attention in this novel was the unavoidable vulgarity of Dominic, his attitude toward women was deep seeded as a result of his life experiences and Mullins did not shy away from making it clear that he is not a character to get on the wrong side of. Whilst in the normal narrative it would seem out of place it was the perfect introduction and voice to give to Dominic, he isn't a character you like and the writing perfectly captures this tone for the reader to pick up on. Similarly, Kerensa comes across perfectly as the captured heroine we need to root for against the villain. She had a calm and measured approach to everything that I love to see in thrillers where we usually have a panicked and useless female lead, relying on their male counterpart.

'Love You Bad' had a Pulp Fiction-esque narrative where the consumer has to piece together the different timelines to get answers to the mystery. It did get slightly confusing keeping track of the different characters and their part in the story, as it progressed things did connect together and get clearer but the big reveal at the end really surprised me! Keeping the storyline a bit foggy and unclear was ideal for giving us the "shock factor" for the conclusion. With the intense narrative it was refreshing to actually have a slower investigation section to give the reader a respite and leave us on a knife-edge wanting more of Dominic's story.

Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable thriller, I was unsettled throughout but couldn't put it down! I was confused and it was off-putting but the final conclusion made up for all that confusion and settled it as a substantial novel I'd happily re-read.

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