Loved - PC & Kristin Cast

Zoey is approaching her 18th Birthmas and the House of Night has been prospering with her and her friends in their High Council positions. But things in Tulsa are beginning to look dark and strange signs of danger keep peeping their head out to Zoey, she has to figure out how to keep herself and her friends safe against the new threat, hoping that Neferet isn't making a return.

I was so lucky to be offered a spot on the blog tour for this paperback release with Head of Zeus where they provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Reading the 'House of Night' series when I was in school was such an experience because with each new release we would see just how strong and determined the main characters were in standing up against evil. It was really exciting to be included in the blog tour and to spend some more time with the characters I remember from my teen years. Luckily the camaraderie that was evident with the Nerd Herd previously had not disappeared although some passages between them did feel too forced to make us aware of how strong it was.

Where possible I will try to avoid spoilers but I will make one comment that the danger presented itself about 30%-40% of the way in and it was heavy. The title of the series is "House of Night: Other World" so that should give you some clues, however with the danger being presented so early on I got my resolution in the middle of the book and the rest of the book felt too bland. As well as this we see Zoey trying to resolve the risk and danger to her city and I hoped we would have a bit of a trial trying to find the right answers, but no, the answer was immediately given to her and I felt deflated. There was a lot of convenient moments where the team suddenly had all they needed to fight off the danger, each step they took in the last half felt rushed because of it.

The original House of Night series came out over 10 years ago when most of us were still in school so now the fan base is older and (I hope) grown-up. Growing and developing the story with the target audience rarely becomes a problem for most authors but with the Cast's story being released across a long time-frame it needs taking into consideration, unfortunately writing style doesn't seem to have developed with the audience for this series. Loved seems to still be written for teens and whilst I appreciate that the target audience for vampire and supernatural stories is still YA/teens the House of Night series has been a story where the original readers now cannot relate and return to the story due to the teenage responses to varying stimuli.

Loved was enjoyable and reminiscent of good vampire books of my past, unfortunately it missed the mark for me. The characters are still firm favourites and well-written, the danger releases through the words strongly and I did get completely sucked into the world of House of Night again. I do wish that the writing and references had grown-up with the original audience, aimed more at the mid-20 year old now instead of teenagers as I did feel that the way the characters spoke and acted made this booked best aimed at a younger audience than me.

It has been a good run with Zoey and the Nerd Herd, but it's time for the younger generation to pick up where us veteran vampyres left off.

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