Meet Me in Hawaii - Georgia Toffolo

Malie is happy running her surf school and passing on her love of the water to her students, she cannot think of anything better. But when Todd arrives on her island to help with the funding of the school she finds herself torn between not ruining the school's success and her own feelings.

Huge thank you to Mills & Boon for sending me an advanced copy of Georgia's follow on novel from 'Meet Me in London' and a special package to go along with it! I am part of the blog tour for this publication which released 18th March! Other bloggers have already been posting about this cracking romance novel, see their handles below! (also, I'm screaming at the personalised signature, I'm obsessed)

Soppy romances are something I would usually never pick up, the cliché lines and doe-eyed female leads make me unable to delve deeper into the story but Toffolo's depiction of love at first sight in her 'Meet Me...' series has so far been an incredible change of pace and has converted me. Since I read 'Meet Me in London' late last year I have been so eager to read more romance and contemporary fiction.

Meet Me in Hawaii starts as you'd imagine it does, a headstrong female thinking she is doing just fine on her own but when a mysterious stranger runs into her life she realises there are cracks beneath the surface. Malie is a wonderful character, she has a background that gives her a hard exterior that the reader knows we have to break through to see her softer side, but at the same time gives us the familiarity of a damaged protagonist that we are eager to see succeed.

The feminist in me was dreading the "knight in shining armour"narrative, however, in both this novel and 'Meet Me in London' there is an essence of female friendship that outshines it. We are all picking up this novel for a bit of romance, but what I didn't expect was the pure joy and love that came with Malie and Zoe. Through the writing their connection was so strong that it didn't feel like fiction, it was realistic and warming to read. With that being said, the relationship with Malie and Todd was nothing to ignore, their back and forth flirtation was a strong reflection of their characters, both a bit daring and on the excitable side.

I would stretch to say that the writing and characterisation in this novel surpasses that of its predecessor. Each chapter was more exciting than the next and although we all know where the end will lead I was still eager to read those last few pages to make sure Malie got her happy ending and Todd found what he was looking for. I will point out that although this narrative was captivating and kept me engaged for a solid 4 hour sitting this week I found the same frustration with the constantly changing of the female character's mind about whether or not to take that leap of faith into a relationship. Victoria in book one was exactly the same, again it did extend the narrative to some extent and it exciting but it tipped into the realm of tedious toward the end.

With all this taken into consideration, I still loved it. It's cheesy to the extreme and poetic where it needed to be, but it plays into the cheesiness and you want Malie and Todd to be cheesy, you want to escape to Hawaii with them and you want to get out on that board with her as well.

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