Meet Me In London - Georgia Toffolo

Vicki has been burned by a past love and doesn't want anything to do with men, she just wants to make her fashion design dreams come true. Oliver is constantly cleaning up the messes his cousin makes and never has time for a social life, but when he does manage to have a quiet drink in the bar where Vicki works, will their lives change for the better?

Mills & Boon were lovely enough to send me a copy of this release in exchange for a review, thank you!

I dip in and out of romance books as they all follow the same format, the couple meets, the couple has a problem, but their love rekindles and they fall in love forever. It's predictable but comforting to know that when you need that predictability it will always be there to lift your mood. Whilst I am constantly reading thrillers and crime novels I do need light-hearted relief and I found it in this! It was clear from the beginning that the outcome would involve a happy ending for Vicki and Oliver but the path they took was interesting enough to keep me engaged and invested to get there.

Celebrity writers are something I am hesitant to love, they mostly use their image to sell their work whether it's good or bad, usually, it is at least entertaining. Whilst 'Meet Me in London' was good and entertaining it was a little unpolished for my liking. For example, our introduction to Vicki was through Oliver's eyes where he overhears her discussing her life with a coworker, she goes into detail about her aspirations and side job teaching disadvantaged kids in fashion design. We are under the impression that she knows this coworker quite well and has done for some time, the overexplaining on her life was purely for our benefit to get to know her character without going through the intricate process of character building. It felt like a cheap way to produce a character background for us and whilst it meant we got to the interest on Oliver's behalf a bit quicker, it felt rushed.

Whilst the development of Vicki was initially rushed the pace of the story evened out and progressed at a steady pace that was ideal for a romance novel. We got that gradual infatuation from both Vicki and Oliver that meant they tip-toed around each other before ultimately being trapped in a difficult situation where revealing their feelings was desperately needed by the reader but avoided by an untimely interruption. There did seem to be some slight padding that meant they were in this situation a little too often for my liking, they seemed to go through the same motions multiple times and whilst they were progressing the story their relationship seemed to stay at a steady level from about 40% through to 70% that irked me a little.

I did thoroughly enjoy this, it was sweet and comforting to read such a lovely story about finding someone through odd circumstance and fake relationships are a favourite troupe of mine! I'd definitely be interested to read more of Toff's work as although the intricacies of writing could do with fine-tuning, the overall experience was a good one.

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