Motherland - Paul Theroux

JP narrates his experiences with his family through his childhood and adult life that has left not only him disappointed in his achievements but also his multiple siblings. Their mother is publicly the pinnacle of goodness, charitable and doting but to her husband, JP and his siblings she was selfish and manipulative. This novel attempts to address how drastically a parent's lack of emotion and empathy can affect a child's life and actions.

The premise of this novel was extremely promising and I will admit this was mainly a cover prompted pick. I really hoped that the writing style would override the difficult approach to the narrative. Eerie undertones were strong even through the first few pages so I was prompted to carry on to find out what would happen but unfortunately I had to DNF this at page 71.

Not being able to even get to my standard 100 page decision marker is a strong indicator of how much I struggled with this. It took me 4 days to decide to put it down at page 71 and in 4 days I can usually fit in a book and a half, if not two books. Even at page 71 there was no progression in what the story actually was, the detailed description took over the narrative for so long that the actual point of the story was disguised so well I couldn't now even tell you want it was about. The detailed description was just so overpowering I couldn't push past it.

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