My Sister, The Serial Killer - Oyinkan Braithwaite

Korede has always looked after her little sister, Ayoola, and has felt she needed to be protective of her ever since they were young. Men have always been more interested in Ayoola as she is petite, beautiful and always gets her own way. Korede resents this but her sibling loyalty overcomes it and she tries to protect Ayoola. Only Ayoola isn't the one who needs protecting, it's the men she dates. Korede helps Ayoola cover up her fatal habit until it is brought too close to home for Korede, can she decide between love and family?

I borrowed this from my colleague who really enjoyed it and suggested it as a quick read. A full read through took just over two hours split out over my lunch breaks. It was initially a little difficult to follow as the chapters jumped between different timelines and places with the reader having to figure out where the characters are now with little help. The historic timeline for Korede and Ayoola's childhood was interesting but eventually fell flat for me, there was a lot of build up and then we are left to create our own ending to connect the 'then' and 'now'. Mystery stories usually sit well with me but I didn't like having to create my own narrative.

Ayoola's character was frustrating because she was such a child about everything, this how she came across and I found her infuriating. Korede was being straight forward and logical about trying to not get caught (for murder!) and Ayoola only cared how her social media would look - a true representation of today's youth. The story in general was about Korede trying to decide between her love and her sister, the internal battle she has came across really well. She accidentally lets slip too much to her crush but still protects her sister when the time comes and she becomes a well-rounded character with a lot of growth by the end.

Despite Korede's growth the ending is disappointing as the situation itself has not progressed, only Korede has grown. Ayoola is still the psychopathic woman she started as and all that has changed is Korede's willingness to cover up her crimes. I would be interested to see how the story progresses over the years because she cannot keep it up forever - or can she?

All in all, a great read for a quick couple of hours. The ending was disappointing but to a sense that I want to know how it evolves in the time following the narrative we see.

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