Nevernight - Jay Kristoff

Mia saw death too early and felt pain too often, this is why she is determined to train at the Red Church to become on the world's top assassins and exact her revenge on those who took all she loved. What Mia didn't expect was that some of her hardest trials would be finding friends to trust and keeping out of trouble. Whilst she tries her best to pass all the tests her Shaiid's throw at her she also needs to figure out why her shadow connects to her like no other does and how her connection to the darkness could save, or destroy her.

Fantasy has been a touch and go genre for me, I recently read 'The Able' by Kesslyn Louise Baird and it reignited something in me that has allowed me to branch back into it. Nevernight has been circulating around since 2016 and the consensus has been that it is one of the best fantasy novels to come out recently. I have to say, I agree. Despite a slow beginning I was desperate to learn more about the Red Church and what would happen to Mia. I also have to admit I am a sucker for school settings in fantasy novels so this was right up my ally looking back on what I enjoyed when I was younger.

The characters in this novel were insanely well described and portrayed. Mia was a little bit whiny but I suppose if you had lost your entire family you have a little entitlement to be a bit cold and dramatic. Her relationships with the other characters also naturally formed in a believable way, especially the development of her romantic interest in Tric (I am praying he is actually alive and well, if there is no body I am not convinced he is dead). Ashlinn was arguably the best portrayed out of them all though, *spoiler* she was shown from the start of her narrative as a close friend to Mia, someone she could trust and there was no suggestion of anything sinister going on and then BHAM. She is exposed as the one behind all of the mysterious happenings and I was so shocked! Incredible ability to portray a character in one light and to switch it up without the reader suspecting a thing Mr Kristoff. Congrats!

This novel was incredibly gripping and the twist at the end has left me hooked on finding out the rest of Mia's story. My only gripe with it was that the beginning was a bit slow going and not much happened between the start and say 40% of the way through for me to be excited about. Once Mia arrived at the Church there was a lot more going on to get my teeth into.

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