One Perfect Morning - Pamela Crane

One man dead, three possible suspects all with a convincing motive to want him gone. One Perfect Morning follows a group of women who have all known each other since college and would do anything for each other, but in this picture perfect town is everything as it seems?

A big thank you to Avon for providing me with a review copy of this recent release through NetGalley! One Perfect Morning published 20th August 2020 and you can get your copy from all good booksellers!

We knew from the start what the mystery would be but we didn't know the who or the why and this kept me intrigued right to the end. Because of the initial introduction I was constantly waiting for each character's reaction to an event to see how they reacted hoping to preempt the big reveal, which I was ultimately not disappointed with. Crane keeps you guessing, and then second-guessing yourself at the perfect level to keep you engaged but not frustrated.

Relationships between fictional characters can feel extremely forced upon readers or viewers but Crane develops the connection steadily instead of unloading a bulk of backstory immediately that would overwhelm the reader. Mackenzie, Robin and Lily were introduced to the reader and as more is revealed about their lives there is a stronger connection developed through the flashbacks to their college experience making the bonds that much more convincing.

I'd advise paying close attention to the introductions of the characters though. I only say this as despite their story-lines diverting and make them distinguishable later down the line I was going back and forth trying to remember which character I was reading in the first 30% of the book. Mannerisms and attitude remained eerily similar between the three women so only once their story's developed was it easy to distinguish them. *SPOILER* Connected to this is forced feeling of Lily and Grant's relationship, all three of the women thrive on their friendship with each other so for Lily to pursue Grant seemed added for drama.

Overall I really enjoyed this! I was kept on the edge of my seat right to the end, there was a perfect collaboration of tension, fear and excitement to keep the reader constantly engaged and is the perfect quick thriller.

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