Perfect Distraction - Allison Ashley

Lauren has had bad luck with men in the past and she definitely wants to avoid the gorgeous specimen of a man who she ran into (literally) at the coffee shop. All 10/10 men are out of her league or major assholes - right? Andrew cannot stop thinking about the redhead who split her coffee down him in the coffee shop and definitely has more important things to think about. But she just happens to bump into him time and time again, he’s certain he will not regret finding out who she is.

I was lucky enough to receive this ARC through the BookShark program and I’m SO happy I got it. This came at the perfect time for me to take a break (or, a good distraction - get it?) from my usual thrillers as I was really looking for something lighthearted and fluffy to lift my mood.

This was a PERFECT read for me, I couldn’t fault anything. Lauren and Andrew were perfect characters who let things slip at the right time and moulded together beautifully. The setting was albeit a bit bleak but the contrast that provided for their love story was amazing. Both of our main characters had easily defined personalities from the first time we meet them but they still managed to surprise me with their reactions.

Ashley implements the perfect level of tension in this romance to keep you hanging on every word. I could have demolished this in one sitting because I was desperate to find out if there was a happy ending. I couldn’t give this 5 stars fast enough and I was genuinely shedding tears by the last couple of chapters. Thank you BookSparks and Allison Ashley for bringing this heart-warming tale to my life and whenever I need a pick-me-up I definitely know where I’ll be going!

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