Pressure Chamber - Nir Hezroni

When Daphne becomes involved in the investigation of Israel's most heinous crime yet, she cannot stop until she has all the answers. 'The Babysitter' abducted a woman on her regular running route, and four babies within two hours, he ceased all communication with the public for a whole year, what is he planning? Where is he hiding? Who can possibly stop him?

Thank you so much to Legend Press and Nir Hezroni for letting me be a part of the blog tour, I was immediately captivated by the synopsis sent over by Lucy and I knew this would be a big hitter! Translated fiction has always been a massive interest of mine and this was my first piece of Israeli fiction! Should I get a map and do an around the world translated fiction goal? Probably. The lovely other blogs participating in this review are below!

As I've said above, it's crazy how much I was immediately drawn to this storyline. It is extremely difficult to explain why I was so excited about a baby abduction plot, and Jess, if you're thinking of reading this book you may want to leave it to one side until Baby A is born! Crime stories always interest me and usually, the darker the better, but this really pulled on my heartstrings a little! For a thriller it was obviously not the intention but Hezroni really gets you attached to 'The Four' as they are referred to, Lee's attachment to them was heartwarming and their survival became not just the character's main goal but became exactly what the goal of the reader is as well. This might just be the "one of my best friends is having a baby soon" mentality but this novel was intense and powerful in every sense of the word.

Main characters in thrillers can be a multitude of things, friendly, lovable, often troubled, but most of all, they are determined. Daphne encapsulates everything you want from a female protagonist and Hezroni is not afraid to delve into the mechanics of her mind. By utilising the very real concept of lucid dreaming the reader is able to establish a stronger connection to who Daphne is and therefore we know exactly how to perceive her, predict her emotions and actions which for this novel, works extremely well. The changing point of view also helps the reader with getting a wider understanding of the entire concept of the novel, when we are reading from the perspective of 'The Babysitter' we get frustrated because we know how Daphne would react to having this knowledge.

Progression in 'Pressure Chamber' keeps you engaged and tense throughout, there isn't a single page in this novel that doesn't progress some aspect of the plot and that meant, for me at least, this was one of the best thriller novels I've read in a long while! Being able to constantly engage your reader is an extraordinary skill to have as an author and Hezroni has perfected it in my opinion. My reading slump meant it took me a while to really get into the novel, through no fault of the writing, but once I sat down for the latter half I couldn't put it down!

Easily a high ranking book in my opinion, I toyed with four or five stars, I'd have liked to have maybe learnt more about 'The Babysitter' and his background, but the focus on Daphne, Lee and 'The Four' was more than enough for me in the end.

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