Primal Calling - Barry Eisenberg

Jack has never met his father, he has held the belief that a donor provided his mother with the joy of a child. But, one day after stumbling across his birth certificate all he knows is thrown into a tailspin. Can he trust his mother? Why has his father never tried to find him? Will he want to get to know him?

Thank you to Michelle at FSB Associates for reaching out and sending me a review copy of this, I deeply regret leaving it on my TBR for so long!

What I immediately loved about this book was the characterisation of Jack, the main character. His attitude and mannerisms read naturally and his interactions with the other characters flowed smoothly. Having a main character be so well-rounded early on sets a determined tone with the reader, it defines the writing style of the author so we know we will get a solid novel. Similarly, I appreciated Eisenberg's ability to set a scene, even in passing it's clear to the reader what the atmosphere of a room is and where the tensions lie between the lines.

A lost parent story immediately creates an emotional line of narrative, so it was expected that I'd connect with the characters on a deeper level, however, I did not except to be so invested in this! Eisenberg's ability to create a convincing storyline and realistic characters made it difficult to not get invested. I felt disheartened with Jack when his search for Stewart Jacobson started to lose traction, I was relieved he found him and heartbroken toward the end.

However, my focus did dip when the story began to focus more on the oil trade Stewart was involved in. Whilst it was pivotal to the story itself, I found myself skimming the deeper descriptions and only dropping back in with character interactions. I was glad that the narrative focus came back toward the mystery of Stewart's role and the deception around it, it gave more grit to the story that I loved getting my teeth into.

I definitely recommend that if any reader is looking for a mix of an emotional family story and mystery they pick this up!

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