Recommended Lockdown Reads

In the midst of a very difficult time I thought I'd put together a list of books that I personally really enjoyed since the beginning of the year and think you would enjoy to! This list has a little bit of everything and hopefully something can take you *away* from what is currently going on in the world around us.

All of these were either four or five stars on my rating scale:

Illuminae - Amie Kauffman & Jay Kristoff (5 stars / Sci-Fi & YA)

  • Perfect piece of sci-fi escapism with a badass female lead who realises that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good, but that sacrifice doesn't have to be at the expense of others


Starve Acre - Andrew Michael Hurley (4 stars / Gothic Horror)

  • Quick and creepy Gothic horror that'll leave you wanting to keep the light on tonight, fairy-tale vibes and only one creepy child instead of your standard two


Perfect Distraction - Allison Ashley (5 stars / Romance)

  • The clue is in the name, beautiful little romance novel that leaves you feeling warm and gooey inside. Characterisation is perfect, setting is perfect, everything is perfect


Little Women - Louisa May Allcott (5 stars / Classic)

  • My favourite book, hands-down. I've dipped a lot more into classics this year and this was at the top of my list and I never wanted it to end. I could never expect to love a book this much


The Familiars - Stacey Halls (4 stars / Historical Fiction)

  • A witchy historical fiction at it's finest! Halls creates beautiful imagery of the surroundings which extends into the characters as well. Plus, there is a dog who doesn't die, big plus


Nevernight - Jay Kristoff (4 stars / Fantasy)

  • Female badass lead? Check. School for assassins? Check. Toys with your emotions? CHECK. Wonderful bit of fantasy writing that drew me back into a genre I thought I was done with. First in a triology.


Thorn - Intisar Khanani (4 stars / Fantasy)

  • Another strong female lead where making the decision between what you want and what is right becomes increasingly important. LOTS of geese


The Woman in the Window (5 stars / Thriller)

  • Read this on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day and it is still one of the best books I've read this year. So much suspense and drama that I could feel my heart beating in my ears toward the end


I hope that some of these suggestions seem appealing to you and help you focus on something other than the disaster that is the current climate! I've tried picking a wide range of books so that there is something for everyone.

I'm always open to to give reading recommendations either through my contact page or Instagram page if you're looking for some more!

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