Secrets of a Serial Killer - Rosie Walker

As time goes on Lancaster are still being threatened by a serial killer that in theory should have died decades before. How are they still alive? Why are his victims still turning up? The police are baffled but the true-crime forums online are rife with ideas. Is someone passing on their gruesome skills to the new generation?

Thank you to One More Chapter for providing me with a review copy of this publication through NetGalley!

From the start, this novel was tense. I only knew tension when reading this I mean this in the best way possible, I was constantly guessing at the revelation and nothing could have prepared me! With most thrillers, there is an air of ~stupidity~ with some characters, like with horror movies where you want to scream at them for going the wrong way, doing the wrong thing, or getting too close to suspicious characters but Walker creates a beautiful balance of curiosity and common-sense. Most notably, Helen, Zoe's mother. Zoe was the girl to unfortunately be kidnapped (spoiler... not really) and Helen goes into full detective mode and does everything right in the search for her daughter. It was refreshing to read a character in a thriller who didn't make stupid mistakes for the sake of plot extending.

I really do not want to give the game away with this one, I definitely think it is worth your time picking it up yourself. It was a quick read and had enjoyably short chapters with exciting cliffhangers that left you wanting more. I absolutely loved Walker's writing style, it was compelling and drew you into the narrative before you'd realised it. I will mention that something felt missing, I couldn't put my finger on it whilst reading but looking back I think the multiple storylines became a little confusing.

Whilst the story itself became a collection of smaller storylines and as a whole was a great read, the individual stories didn't marry up until nearer the end and at times it felt like reading three books at once. Walker did a wonderful job with each storyline but I would have loved to have seen more of each in their own publications.

Overall, I really enjoyed it! The issue of smaller narratives being a little confusing was only a small niggle compared to the rest of the story and I would still love to have this on more people's shelves!

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