Seven Days - Alex Lake

Maggie has been locked up in a room with no light for twelve years, and in seven days her son, Max, will turn three. But Maggie doesn't want him to turn three, when children turn three in this room something terrible happens. This year, she is determined to hang onto Max for as long as possible, but time is running out and she needs a plan, fast.

Wow! I cannot put into words how much I loved this! Maggie from the start was a bad-ass female lead that hasn't let her capture and imprisonment ruin her mindset or aspiration. She keeps healthy, fit and focused on her escape and this just made me root for her from the outset. The characterisation of Maggie, and the other characters for that matter, was top-notch and I couldn't find a fault, even the writing of a 2-year-old (nearly 3) was perfect. When you were meant to love and care for a character, you did, when you had to be suspicious, you were, when you wanted to cry with frustration, you did.

There are some slight spoilers ahead so if you want to read this yourself please do before carrying on!

Occam's razor definitely applicable in this story, I couldn't ignore the obvious answer as it was always constant but it did seem too obvious to me! I'm a constant reader, viewer and listener of true crime, thriller and mystery so obvious answers are not my natural assumption. I think Lake plays on this with 'Seven Days' because I was looking for signs of another perpetrator throughout the narrative but even when the culprit was revealed I still thought the writing was extremely clever, it made you doubt yourself and makes you think "well, maybe I am looking into this too much".

Lake definitely knocked it out the park with this, the short chapters perfectly captured each character's emotion and progressed steadily enough for us to keep up-to-date with the story but not so slowly it got boring at any point. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone and everyone (although, trigger warning for rape, assault and abuse), it picked me up out of my reading slump and I cannot wait to sample more work from Lake.

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