The Able - Kesslyn Louise Baird

Beth is a typical teenage girl trying to make her way through high school whilst attempting to figure out where her life is going. All at once her life does a complete U-turn when she meets Derick, a mysterious new guy at school who seems to distance himself from her despite their undeniable connection. They try to deny their feelings and continue with their lives but it seems mystical forces are pulling them closer together.

I haven't properly read young adult fantasy/romance for a long time but this has managed to pull me right back into it. Although I am older and I don't necessarily agree with the character choices I can appreciate the writing and story that back it up. As an 'adult' reading this I felt out of touch with the main characters, especially our main character, Beth. She is very much the typical female lead in a young adult series, a bit of an 'odd-one-out' but secretly beautiful and admirable. I found her a little exhausting at times, she became engrossed with her love interest, Derick, with an internal monologue as to how wonderful her life has now become with him in it appearing often. When the mystical reason behind the infatuation is made clear it becomes more bearable with an even balance.

*SPOILER* Superpowers are such an original concept in fantasy, the abilities of supernatural beings is obviously not unheard of but it is refreshing for them to be referenced as actual "super-powers" with a specific variation to the types of powers these characters possess. I just loved the effort that has gone into the lore behind the Able kind, it was easy to get a backstory to this entire other 'species' of people with this writing.

The ending sets itself up for sequel which I would happily read to keep updated after the cliffhanger ending. My only request would be to see development of each of the characters, each of them had singular focus which made them a little one-dimensional to read, for this reason Cass became my favourite character. She had her story-line with Joseph but also had other aspects to her, she could travel in time for fun and became for me a key member of the core four.

Like I say, I am excited to read the next book and this was a wonderful read to bring a little something magical to me before I start my October spooky reads. I definitely recommend any fantasy/romance fans pick this up, even if young-adult isn't your normal scene because it will draw you in to read more.

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