The Apartment - KL Slater

Freya and Skye need to find a new home and with time running out a miracle presents itself to Freya which cannot ignore. After moving into an apartment that is set in a big, beautiful house with a big garden and cheap rent Freya cannot believe her luck, but when the landlord's lies about how the previous tenant left start to unravel she begins to wonder if somethings are too good to be true...

I was so excited to read this as the concept sounded creepy and other reviews suggested it was a quick thriller that left you reeling from the twist ending. The ending itself definitely included a twist you don't see coming immediately but I wouldn't say I was 'satisfied' with it on a whole.

Freya is the main character but is very difficult to connect to. She doesn't have her emotions conveyed by Slater often or in depth so it's difficult to gauge what her response to each situation is and anticipate her next move. Whilst Freya was difficult to get attached to I wanted to see so much more of Skye, strangely Slater was better at portraying a young school-girl than an adult woman. Another key player, Lillian, was well established and I enjoyed her narrative so I'm sure Slater is a capable of creating good characters it's just Freya didn't get up to that level for me.

Writing thrillers must be terribly difficult when trying not to give the game away too early on, Slater manages to keep a cap on things pretty well but at the same time it was too obvious that something bigger was going on that Freya and Skye were unknowingly made a part of. This being said I thoroughly enjoyed the historical journal entries and research notes based around the Little Albert experiment, they added a deeper level to the story that I don't think could have been achieved otherwise.

Overall a very enjoyable read, it was quick and the mystery surrounding the house Freya moves into definitely kept me motivated to finish it.

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