The Cruel Prince - Holly Black

Jules' parents are killed in front of her and she is whisked away by their killer to the fairie world to live with him. He is the true father of her sister but not her and her twin sister and everyone in their new world knows this. They treat her poorly and she wants to prove to them she is just as strong as them even if they don't believe it.

This is a staple fantasy novel for the Bookstagram community so I was obviously going to pick it up sooner or later. I've seen plenty of mixed reviews about The Cruel Prince but I thought I'd at least enjoy it a little and I can assure you that I, did, not. Fantasy is touch and go with me lately, some worlds take too much world building for me and some concepts are too far-fetched for me but the issue I had with this was that nothing made sense and Jules was a terrible main character.

Focusing on details was difficult but Jules didn't focus on them herself and her mind changed with the wind. Initially we get the strong impression that she hates living in the fairie world and the way they treat her but when she is offered an out to live in the human world she flips out about how the fairie world is her home? I couldn't understand her ambitions when she constantly contradicted herself. When she did focus on something it was trivial, for example, her stream of consciousness about how fairie's go to the toilet was the point of this novel I had to DNF.

If you have a more open mind with fantasy then you may get on better with it than I did but I couldn't face wasting more time reading it.

Give it a try yourself and see what you thought:

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