The Flatshare - Beth O'Leary

Tiffy and Leon share a flat and a bed, but they've never met. Leon works nights and stays with his girlfriend on the weekends, Tiffy works in a 9-5 publishing job and needed to find her own space desperately. Slowly they get to know each other through notes left throughout the flat and everyone but them realises that there is no way they can avoid each other forever...

There is a reason that this novel is everywhere. Beth O'Leary has hit it out of the park with The Flatshare and it deserves every five star review it has received. It's clearly going to be a slow-burn romance and it goes at the perfect speed to allow the reader to fall in love with both Tiffy and Leon and their little quirks. 'Watching' as their affection grew left me with such a warm and lovely feeling inside and wasn't like other frustrating like other romance novels, it was beautifully written and perfectly bring these characters together. The background of their characters was steadily introduced to bring more depth to the story and I couldn't fault any of it.

With side-stories it has become a fear of mine that it'll distract from the main story so when my friend pre-warned me that there was a crime side-story I was a bit confused as to how it would play into a romance novel. Ritchie is Leon's brother and is falsely imprisoned for a crime that Leon is desperately trying to get him released for. Ritchie is another perfect character and whilst his story does play a main part of the story it was the perfect addition to the romance story line and made a strong contrast to the loveliness we felt with Tiffy and Leon.

I cannot condone this book enough, I struggle to write reviews for five star books because I cannot say anything other than; it's perfect, and that is all I want to say at this point. It was the perfect heart-warming read and I will recommend it to everyone.

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