The Guest List - Lucy Foley

An abundance of guests are due to arrive on a remote Irish island the the year's most extravagant wedding but will the arguments of the bridal party dampen the big day? Will the groomsmen be able to control their instincts and hide their secrets? When someone is found dead on the hills outside the marquee only a select few could have been responsible and every one of them wonders who had a strong enough motive to commit murder.

This immediately felt eerily similar to Foley's previous publication 'The Hunting Party', a remote setting, a selection of sketchy characters with hidden secrets and a dead body. I didn't necessarily mind this as I really enjoy the isolated-murder-mystery trope and I especially enjoy multiple POVs. Although until about half way through it could have easily have been the same novel, we follow these characters through their personal lives, their secrets and relationships to build up to a big reveal into how they're all connected somehow and it leads to murder.

However, Foley's ability to create these characters as solid additions to the narrative is exceptionally strong and although the novel follows the same basic story line the characters really make the difference. They're developed enough to read as compelling personalities with no overlap of reused parts, they are entirely their own and Foley did an excellent job bringing them to life. Another of Foley's strengths is the setting, I've rarely come across another author who totally immerses the reader in their world and Foley has smashed it again with this novel. The island itself was beautifully described and held weight within the pages.

Foley loves a slow-burn mystery, I however, do not. Whilst there were little twists and turns throughout the novel I did want it to be a little faster paced, although the ending did feel awfully rushed and the murderer reveal felt a little too obvious.

I'd definitely recommend giving this a read, I whizzed through it in a couple of days and definitely think it'll be worth your time!

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